Solar Mounting Systems Process

  1. Determine Orientation – Snap chalk lines for the north and east or west edges per plan. Place the North end of the first End-of-Row Support along your chalk lines in either the North-East or North-West corner of the array.


  1. Add Center Braces for Spacing – Add Mid Row Support using Center Braces to establish the spacing between them. Secure the Center Braces using the provided 10-32 Stainless Steel KEPS nuts. Continue the row by adding another Mid Row Support, Center Braces and nuts. Repeat until only one more support is required to finish the row, that last support will be an End-of-Row Support. If there is a break in the row, use an End-of-Row Support on both sides of the opening.


  1. Add Ballast – Place ballast inside the End-of-Row Supports and the Mid Row Supports.


  1. Build the Next Row(s) – Begin building the next row, as in step 2, using the Row-to-Row Spacer as required establishing the location of the row. Attach each Row-to-Row Spacer with the supplied 10-32X1/2 Stainless Steel Hex Cap Screws.


  1. Prepare Grounding System – At the end of every row and at breaks within a row, install a WEEBL-6.7 lug. Run a copper equipment grounding conductor to each lug from row to row and between End-of-Row Supports at breaks in rows. Place the End Grounding Clips on the threaded studs located on the End-of-Row Supports. Place the Mid Grounding Clips on the threaded studs located on the Mid Row Supports. Make sure the clips are oriented correctly for proper grounding of the solar panel to the rack.


  1. Install solar panels -Place solar panels on to the racking system making sure that the sharp upward pointing teeth of the End Grounding Clip and the Mid Grounding Clip are under the edge of the panel. Connect the End Clamp on the End Grounding Clip located on the 5/16-18 studs located on the End-of-Row Support. Connect the Mid Clamps on the 5/16-18 studs located on the Mid Row Supports. Repeat at end of row.


  1. Finish with the Deflector – Add the Deflector with 10-32 Stainless Steel KEPS Nuts to all modules.


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